Bible-based idols are still idols

I also heard a voice saying to me, „Get up, Peter; kill and eat.“ But I said, „By no means, Lord, for nothing unholy or unclean has ever entered my mouth.“ ‭‭Acts‬ ‭11:7-8‬ ‭NASB‬‬ There is a severe importance to adhering completely to the Bible, but there is as always a grave risk that comes […]

It was My Pleasure

A preacher once asked the attendees of a Christian conference, if they had enjoyed the worship time so far and hundreds, if not thousands cheered with a loud voice. Then he asked this question: Did God enjoy your worship? We don’t expect this question and are most probably dumbfounded, simply because more often than not, […]

Es war Mein Vergnügen

Ein Prediger fragte mal die Besucher einer christlichen Konferenz, ob sie soweit die Anbetungszeit geniessen und es jubelten hunderte, wenn nicht tausende Besucher mit lauter Stimme. Dann hat er diese Frage gestellt: Geniesst Gott eure Anbetung? Manchmal rechnen wir nicht mit dieser Frage, denn es wird oft gelehrt, dass die Anbetungszeit uns dienen soll. Eine […]