Singing worship

There’s a lot going on during the fellowship(s) of the saints (whether during the weekly services or the small-group meetings) and a huge part is the singing of songs to the Lord. What is mistakenly and simply called “worship” is actually just a facet of the entirety of our worship to God. Maybe that is why we have many believers assuming what they do on any given Sunday is a sufficient service to God and His Church.

Singing true heartfelt worship to our God starts in our daily lives. There are many things in our lives that would indicate a singing not directed towards God. It’s important, we examine ourselves and have others watch over us.

  • When you are fighting sin in your life, it could sometimes be best not to participate in singing to the Lord about our complete surrender and love towards Him. Doing sin would currently mean the opposite is true. Repent first, come clear with God and then rejoice in songs of worship towards Him. Unless of course, the songs are those of repentance, which would be rather rare nowadays in churches.
  • Singing secular songs is not sin per se. But if you can consume a day full of songs absent of God and then easily switch to singing for God, there might be something lacking in your love and devotion for Him.

Let’s go through what God prefers according to His Scripture:

  1. The heart of the worshiper
  2. Types of songs in the Church