Old worship

When I was just a few months born into this new life, I remember a few friends making some remarks about my old music collection playing on the car stereo. At that time, my excuse was that as a new follower of Christ all songs are new for me, but years later, I realized that some songs never got old.

I was at a school’s final exam and a future worship leader was being reviewed and an “expert” (who was a pastor at that school’s church) told the candidate and audience that he was fed up with all the old terms and phrases used in the songs and that he yearns to hear new and fresh songs with different words.

Never have I ever cared so much about words or the lyrics of a song than with the so-called “praise and worship” division or genre, simply because those songs are not meant for us, but for the One who deserves all our most sincere and desperate praise and worship. I want to mean what I sing and even whatever I listen to has to mean something… to Him.

So can a song of worship and praise ever get old? Is it possible that a child of God gets bored of singing (or hearing for that matter) the same song over and over again? If this can happen, I’m really worried about our stay in heaven for there are beings there proclaiming 24/7:


That’s for eternity and I don’t think it ever gets old for those angels up there… So, in a sense, we need to surely prepare our hearts for that kind of worship… A worship in songs that stems from a heart that never can get enough of giving glory, honor and praise to Him who was and who is and who is to come!

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