The workers are few and modern tech won’t help

According to this article on a German online magazine, there could be possibilities of helping out in the shortage of church personnel through robots, computers and such.

Even if this may be a satire, people especially in Europe are getting creative in the decreasing numbers of both church attendance and leaders. To the point that churches are trying to fix the leaks in a sinking ship and not attending to what is making it leak in the first place.

Pastors are scratching their heads bald coming up with ideas to get the sheep back into the fold, not realizing they’re (mostly) not really dealing with sheep in the first place. Instead of seeking for or creating new methods, strategies and concepts of growing a church or making it healthy, it would probably make a great deal of sense to go back to the roots and follow what our instruction manual (the Bible) has to say.

If it didn’t work the first time, it doesn’t mean we give up and find another way to do church. It means, we need to pray more and seek God’s will even closer. We need to know, what He wants to do (through us) where and when.

The real question is, do we want to know or do we just want to do church our own way and ask God to bless our little man-made endeavors?

God will provide for the workers and the staff and even the sheep who will enter when they here HIS voice echo from the different church bodies spread all over the world.

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