You can’t stop the world

The German government wants to remove all religious elements (from jewelries to head-coverings) on judges and lawyers to avoid any impression that these women and men could be influenced by anything other than the laws of the German nation.

Crucifixes hanging on the walls won’t be touched. Yet.

Although, in reality, we would wish that these men were influenced by the actual Law-giver of this country (God of the “Christian Bible”), the spiritually blind wouldn’t understand this and instead, they would hold on to their human-based ideas.

It’s inevitable. It’s not a fight between atheism and religions, but in reality a shrouded attack from the lord of this world on the saints of Christ. He is slowly preparing for the main blow… A government not only with a disregard, but with hostility towards the followers of Christ.

Probably a very common strategy in eliminating a single enemy without alarming the rest would be to kill others in the process making it look like a random attack. Any attack towards all religion should alarm the saints of Christ and move them into prayer.

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