How real is God to you?

Many people will tell us that it’s OK to doubt God’s existence. That it’s just human to struggle with our faith. I cannot agree. That’s not how God intended faith to be. Our faith is based on having a relationship with a deity who is also a Person we can relate to in so many different ways. How can you doubt the existence of a relative or a spouse that you intimately know?

We can have phases and short instances in life, where we might wonder: “What if…?”, but it mustn’t be a common or permanent thing. We need to fight for this relationship not by blindly brainwashing ourselves that He exists, but in that we enter into a real relationship with a very real God!

Jesus said, “Blessed are they who did not see, and yet believed.” and means to tell us that there is a way, we can have this same faith as the doubting Thomas did AFTER touching the risen Christ! We don’t need to physically experience God in order that He may be most real to us! But we need to seek Him to find Him and knock so that He may answer the door… Question is, how desperate are we for this reality?

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