Starving Europe

Please listen to just the first few minutes… This is coming from a Messianic Jew who was in Europe.

They’re talking about how the believers here “hang on to anything that comes outside of Europe” (where centuries ago actually everything came out from!) and this is not necessarily always a good thing! Because the focus of many churches are set primarily on Third World countries, Europeans are spiritually starving (the very words of our friends in Berlin!) and are eihter being fed a very shallow truth or even a completely wrong (poisonous) kind of “bread”.

Amir talks about Europe being spiritually dead and that if the Rapture would take place now, most of the Europeans wouldn’t even notice.

In the year of the 500th anniversary of the Reformation, God has to do another mighty work from within. Please continue to pray. If you have prayer groups in your Churches, think of it this way, YOU CAN GIVE BACK BY PRAYING for the Europeans, because your faith has probably been ignited formerly in this now dying continent! PRAY, PRAY, PRAY!!!

We will keep you updated with specific prayer points!

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