Doctor’s results: good!

We had two doctor’s appointment the last two days and all results came out positive.

Yesterday, we met with a doctor specialized in diabetes. Last week, in his absence, another specialist was trying to convince us to take insulin already, even though we were willing to try to keep my wife’s blood sugar levels low enough through a proper diet. However, the night before, I sensed God telling me not to follow through with the intake of insulin. It was very difficult for me, because the fear caused by the substitute’s explanations and also my wife’s gynecologist were pushing me towards pumping chemicals into my pregnant wife for their “health and safety”.

We were surprised that the specialist thought it to be unnecessary and told us we can proceed without insulin. God is so good!

Then today, we visited a chiropractor because of my wife’s pain in multiple areas of her lower body. We were concerned it might be something like sciatica that might need more medication or other treatments, but the doctor could assure us she was fine and just felt the normal ailments of a heavy pregnancy.

This is when I was reminded that when God sends someone on a mission, He provides not only for financial support, but also for the necessary health condition.

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