Berlin – Urgency confirmed

It was a very short, but intense weekend. I didn’t expect anything much actually from the entire mission trip except maybe connecting with people who could need some help. My prayer before we left was that would go ahead and prepare the way and sure enough He did.

We were staying over with a couple who we became friends with back in the Philippines. Day after day with them, we found out more and more how God was preparing them for something far greater:

  • The husband was a missionary already for two years and seems to be currently on hold for full-time ministry until God calls him.
  • During his youth, someone prophesied to him some verses from Joshua 1 and apparently, God wanted to make a “great man” out of him and that frightens him a bit.
  • The couple is spiritually starving and thus struggling to find a church that can meet their needs. Two of the churches they attend have very shallow practices and fail to the Bible in a very open and effective way.
  • As I was praying for Berlin, I was wondering which man would step up to be a pastor and I only knew my friend and told God, “But he’s working still.” A few days later, I found out he lost his job.
  • Lastly and probably the most significant information we received this weekend related to our project was the prophecy of their Vietnamese friends. Apparently, they were told by a Swiss pastor that their friends will be used in Berlin to start something for God, but they have no clue how to go about it – which is exactly what we’re here for in the first place.

Furthermore, the wife told us about her job as a teacher in a special school for “difficult children” She was threatened for wearing a cross and was living in fear. Over 90% in her class are Muslims, which is rather unusual for a predominantly Christian nation. Only that Berlin, the capital city of Germany, struggles with religions in general.

Twice the couple confirmed their “full support” towards our (or rather God’s) endeavor in Berlin. We agreed that if we cannot find a church that can meet their needs, we might as well start one ourselves. So right around our return from our project in Poland, we will have to pray and look for an appropriate time window to go back to Berlin before my wife gives birth in December.

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