Berlin – The spiritual condition

We’ve only been here a couple of days and only have observed two churches, but I’ve also read about the climate of hostility towards the real Christ in this city. The wellbeing of a person (mostly self) seems to be more important than anything else; unfortunately even within the church.

With a decreasing Christian population in Germany (currently at ca. 65%), Berlin its capital has a staggering three or so percent who attend church regularly. The largest percentage (ca. 18%) of those professing to be a light to this city called the EKD are already compromising the truths of God to fill the pews; for example by allowing for homosexual marriage to be conducted within their churches.

Berlin has apparently been labeled the “atheist captial” of Europe and it’s no wonder why, when churches have lost the sense of spreading out the true Gospel allowing for the oppressed population to be set free. Instead, they have wild ideas like having interfaith events and even now a building called “House of One” to join together other religions in worship and prayer.

Apparently, “pastors said that they felt lonely, isolated and discouraged at the low level of spiritual interest in the city” and that none of them knew exactly how to “ministry well”. If the shepherds of Christ struggle, how then will this city survive?

This confirms the mission of this project to help and serve pastors in the countries of Europe in order that they may be part of building the Church for Christ.


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