Aunt’s bible study went OK

It’s not what I expected. I prepared a message on “The New Creation” intending to teach on some basic Christian theology. However, the female “pastora” lead the group. However, it was set up in a way that everyone could share their “revelation” over a specific chapter or two they read the past week.

I was able to pour in something different from what they usually teach, which is usually on signs and wonders (they consider the strength of their ministry to be “inner healing”) or prosperity. I chose to share about the woman with the alabaster jar, but couldn’t quite get my message across on the impossibility of her heart’s condition – that God was needed to create such a broken and humble heart. Something God desires over almost everything else that we have to offer.

The biggest surprise to me was her testimony. It seemed to me, she really experienced God and might be someone who really wants to love and worship Him, but might be stuck in a church that doesn’t really promote that kind of teaching. We got into much discussion in front of everyone and at the end, it seemed to me much love was flowing, which I pray wasn’t anything superficial – God knows, I don’t mind confrontations. I hope I was acting in the Spirit of God and said, what had to be said otherwise, my prayer is that He would correct me accordingly.

It’s just a shame to me that this church has a majority of female pastors. Something, I believe is important for this project is to activate the men and build them up to step up. God uses women in times, where men can’t take up the role of a leader and it’s not a good sign at all.

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