Prayer at Swiss-Filipino event

Yesterday, I was invited to pray alongside a friend in German before a whole-day gathering of Filipinos and Swiss who were celebrating the diplomatic relationships of these two nations.

As I was praying before the event, I was asking God to show me, if this was all I had to do (pray and talk a bit about God) or if there was more. I continued praying for the people, but sensed that I had not to focus on the Filipinos, but the Swiss.

After my part in standing on stage and talking to the people about God and praying for us, my wife told me that mostly the Swiss were attentive to what I had to say and were responsive to my prayer. Nothing to do with any language barriers, since these Filipinos can speak German, but I suspect it has more to do with the strong effects of Catholicism in the Philippine culture.

The biggest surprise came, when I felt led to ask my companion (who prayed in English), if he ever considered to go full-time ministry, remembering that that was my mission to identify potential pastors. He was shocked that I asked that question and told me his story. It was about fifteen years ago, when he felt that call and desired to be an evangelist. His mother and his mentor stopped him from going all out for God, but instead to wait ten to fifteen years and if the call still is there, it must be from God then.

Quite a strange way of mentorship, but nevertheless, I asked him that question after his fifteen years of waiting. We got to talk more and haven’t even noticed that it started pouring in very heavy rainfalls over us. He invited us to his house when we come back from our trip to Germany.

Another prospect of God hopefully called to minister to the flock in Switzerland.

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